Political Violence

Much of my earlier research focused on political violence, this included work on the origin and duration of conflicts, the drivers of participation, the forms of conflict, and post conflict development. Much of this work has been done in West Africa though more recent, and still not completed, work, focuses on the GAM movement in Aceh Indonesia.

Observational work on conflict onset and duration.

pdfNatural Resources, Conflict and Conflict Resolution” (JCR 2005)

pdfAspects Économiques des Guerres Civiles” (RTM 2003)

pdfSenegal and Mali: A Comparative Study of Rebellions in West Africa” (with H ag Mohamed)

pdf“Natural Resources and Armed Conflicts: Issues and Options”

Research on participation in conflict

pdfWho Fights?” (AJPS 2008)

pdf“Joining Separatist Insurgencies: Evidence from the Free Aceh Movement in Indonesia” with Laura Paler (not yet posted)

Research on Civilian abuse

pdfHandling and Manhandling Civilians in Civil War” with J Weinstein. (APSR, 2006)

pdf“Civilian Abuse by Armed Groups: Evidence from Aceh,” with Grant Gordon and Jeremy Weinstein (not yet posted)

Post conflict reintegration and development

pdfDemobilization and Reintegration” (with J Weinstein) (JCR 2007)

pdfCan Development Aid Contribute to Social Cohesion After Civil War?” with J Fearon and J Weinstein (AER P&P 2009).

[See also CDR research]

Research on the measurement of violence

pdfCrowdseeding in Eastern Congo” with P van der Windt (JCR 2015)